Top 10 Best CoD PFP

Call of Duty has graced its players with some of the best profile pictures over the years. Let’s take a look at the best PFPs available.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Gamers everywhere enjoy customizing their profiles to represent their personality. Call of Duty is usually at the forefront of customization, and its players are constantly searching for the best pictures available. Whether you want to upload or unlock images in-game, there are always plenty of images available.

From anime to more realistic and gritty images, there’s no limit to what you can show. We’d be here all day if we went over all the possible options for PFPs, instead, we scouted the archives to bring you the best avatars we could find.

10. Cel-Shaded Manta Ray

Image via Nihal

For those who are fans of cel-shading, this PFP has a cool aesthetic that’ll turn some heads on the field. The artist did a great job capturing the feel of the game, while at the same time keeping the proportions semi-realistic. You should pick this one up if you’re looking for style points.

9. Rambo

Image via Brkn X

When it comes to being a bonafide killing machine, there’s no better soldier than the legendary John Rambo himself. Legend says that this avatar is mandatory for anyone looking to use the bigger guns in their games. Players will be avoiding anyone that comes along with this particular PFP.

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8. Captain Price

Image via Ghosty

That’s right, the Legendary Soldier himself is on the list. Captain Price has been the face of Call of Duty since his debut in Modern Warfare. This goofy rendition of him is so fitting of his character, and many players will get a kick out of the troll-like expression hovering over their K/D/A.

7. Ghost Mask

Image via Joulz Payne

For those who are fans of people of mystery, this image perfectly encapsulates the feel of a masked assassin. The distorted image effects can be a bit trippy for opponents and can be quite distracting in a good way. Also, they look pretty friendly.

6. Kada Bura

Image via Kaviron

Speaking of the dark side, this image is quite disturbing in so many ways. For some reason, this PFP gives us Alien vibes with a mix of Doctor Doom. Players will likely be too busy figuring out what they’re looking at, leaving themselves open for bullets.

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5. Cute Mara

Image via Xiemeimei_

The Venezuelan agent is a nice character that’s been a part of the Call of Duty franchise since Modern Warfare. For those fans of chibi-like avatars, the PFP is an awesome alternative to the more realistically proportioned original. I mean, who can resist those cute little fangs?

4. Oktoberfest Artery

Image via Anthony Morningstar

Just for the beer drinkers out there, this avatar will keep your spirits up through the hardest of matches. The art in this particular PFP is very good as well. The artist took a lot of time making sure the textures matched the warmness of the two mugs.

3. Deadpool

Image via Meredith Seidl

The Merc with a Mouth is taking over the Call of Duty universe with this awesome-looking PFP. This image looks like an amalgam of a special ops soldier, as well as the popular Marvel anti-hero. It’s a bit scary looking at first, but maybe that’ll be to your advantage.

2. Bunny Boy Butler

Image via Kvivv

For those who want to express their more flamboyant side, this is the PFP for you. This image is quite the departure from its peers with an emphasis on style and substance. Make no mistake, although this bun boy is dressed as a butler, the only thing they’ll be serving is some bullets and explosions.

1. Urban Tracker


For you Urban Tracker fans, this PFP may be one of the best yet. The cat ears upgrades look more life-like, and the outfit is cute enough to be in a fantasy setting. The art is detailed enough to look high quality for those who appreciate that style.