The best guns and weapons to use in Call of Duty: Mobile

You’ll be shredding the competition with these guns.

Image via Activision

Like all other Call of Duty titles, the weapon you choose in Call of Duty: Mobile is incredibly important. While you can still succeed with some lower-tier guns, picking a dominant gun will give you a higher chance of success in any match. Whether in casual Team Deathmatch or Ranked Play Search and Destroy, the guns on this list will always give you consistent performance. Hence, we’ve listed the 5 best guns you should prioritize every time you get on the battlefield from best to worst.

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1. M13

Image via Activision

M13 is a fully automatic weapon with a high rate of fire and low recoil, making it effective at close to medium ranges. It has a moderate damage output and a decent magazine size of 30 rounds, but its accuracy and mobility make it a popular choice among players.

2. DL-Q33

Image via Activision

The DL-Q33 is a sniper rifle that is highly effective in long-range combat. It is a bolt-action rifle that requires the player to reload after each shot, but it deals significant damage and can take down opponents with a single shot to the upper body or head.

The gun has a slow fire rate but compensates for it with its high accuracy and damage output. It has a maximum range of 65 meters and a bullet velocity of 720 meters per second, making it one of the fastest sniper rifles in the game.

3. R9-0

Image via Activision

Although a shotgun might not be everyone’s cup of tea, R9-0 is a weapon that is still worth picking up. It’s an extremely powerful gun that excels in close-quarter-combats. What makes the gun special is that it combines semi-auto and pump-action mechanisms, allowing the user to fire multiple shots in quick succession. This means the user still has more room to play with, even if they miss a few shots.

4. MX9

Image via Activision

If you are looking for an easy weapon, MX9 might be the right choice. It is a fully automatic weapon with a high rate of fire and good accuracy at close to medium ranges. Although it has a moderate damage output, its high magazine capacity and easy execution make it popular among many fans.
MX9 can be customized with various attachments, including sights, barrels, grips, and magazines, to improve its performance in combat. With the right attachments, the MX9 can be a versatile and deadly weapon on the battlefield.

5. SKS Marksman Rifle

Image via Activision

An extremely powerful weapon, SKS only takes two body shots to kill a target and only one if landing a headshot. The gun is effective over all ranges and doesn’t really take a hit from bullet drop. You can either turn it into an aggressively rapid-firing weapon or use it as an accurate marksman weapon for picking off unsuspecting foes.