Best Toppings for Eclair Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Let’s take a look at this historian!

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Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play action RPG and the sixth game in the Cookie Run franchise. In this game, you build up your own Kingdom and a team of Cookies that you pull from the game’s various gacha pools. You’ll be collecting resources and battling enemies to build up both your Kingdom and Cookies so you can progress further into the game. Although the game looks cute and simple, it gets increasingly complicated especially in the later levels once tougher enemies are thrown your way. So, it’s important to have Cookies like Eclair Cookie that can help support your team in battles.

Released in the January 2022 update, Eclair Cookie is a powerful Support unit that has a useful Skill called Book of History. When this Skill is used, he will cast a Weakness debuff to three enemies with the highest ATK stat that can stack up to four times, amplifying the damage they receive from your team, and finally dealing damage to the affected enemies. In addition to this, if any of these enemies are defeated while the debuff is active, the entire party will gain an HP shield for 25% of their max HP for three seconds.

The best build for Eclair Cookie

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Given that Eclair Cookie is a Support Cookie, his usefulness comes from supporting his team. So, the best build for Eclair Cookie would be a full Swift Chocolate build. This is so you can reduce the cooldown on his Skill. Book of History has a default 16-second cooldown and in an intense battle, let that be in a boss battle in story mode or in a quick-paced arena match, this feels like a long time. You’ll want to reduce this cooldown as possible so you can spam this fantastic utility Skill.