The best Toppings for Tea Knight Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

You don’t want make this knight angry.

Image via Devsisters Corporation

Tea Knight Cookie was released in Cookie Run: Kingdom along with Eclair Cookie in the War Under Shattered Skies update. He’s a Charge Cookie whose default position is in the Front. As a Charge Cookie, he’ll be mainly dealing damage to the enemy team’s front-line, and here’s how you can best take advantage of Teak Knight Cookie with Toppings.

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Tea Knight Cookie’s Skill is “Battlemaster.” When activated, he will deal damage to the nearest enemy and provide a series of buffs to his allies: an attack increase to the Cookies with the highest attack stat for eight seconds and a CRIT% increase for the allies with the highest CRIT%. If one of his allies is defeated, the Wrath of Commander effect is placed on Tea Knight Cookie. This buff will increase Tea Knight Cookie’s attack and attack speed by 50% and 20% respectively.

Wrath of Commander can be stacked up to four times, with the fourth stack giving Tea Knight Cookie an increased attack of 100% and 150% increased attack speed. With all four stacks, this puts him at grand total of 250% attack and 210% attack speed. When he has all four stacks, Tea Knight Cookie becomes resistant to any interrupting effects. This Skill is on an 18-second cooldown.

The best build for Tea Knight Cookie

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With Tea Knight Cookie being a damage-dealer, you’ll want to go with a full Searing Raspberry build for him for increased attack damage. By having a complete Searing Raspberry build for him, you’ll gain an additional attack damage bonus, which makes him even more powerful in battle. Combining this with his Battlemaster, if any of his allies were to fall in battle, Tea Knight Cookie will virtually become unstoppable in battle.