Best traits to level up in Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC

Where should you invest?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Traits are vitally important in the Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC. Most progress cannot be carried over between runs, but traits are. This means that they allow forward progress that will allow you to get further on a run, and eventually increase the difficulty to get better gear and drops.

You can buy these traits with cash when you are in any safe house by interacting with the mirror, so it’s easy to make your way to one and invest your cash when you have enough.

Pride Level 1

The Pride level 1 trait gives you access to a healing syringe that will replenish over time. This syringe is vital to staying alive in the tougher challenges. After that, each Pride level will increase your basic health, and all of them can be considered important as the game gets more difficult.

Sloth Level 1 and 2

These will give you access to additional healing syringes, and a camera that allows you to tag enemies and track them. The additional healing is nice, but the camera can really help for the higher difficulty Memories, as you won’t get caught off guard with a little bit of reconnaissance.

Greed traits

The Greed traits are excellent, as they all allow you to keep more and more cash after you die. This is extremely important at higher levels, or your progress is going to stall but is not essential on the first level of difficulty where deaths should hopefully be pretty rare.

Envy traits

Envy traits may appeal to some players, allow them to carry gadgets like throwing knives and smoke bombs. These can be incredibly useful to keep your stealthy movements hidden from enemies. After some upgrades, you also get access to grenades and molotovs, which is always nice.