The 5 best Twitter accounts to follow in place of Nibellion

Get your daily gaming news fix with these accounts.

Image via Ura Sunday

Nibellion’s consistent and timely posts regarding the latest trending topics in the industry were valuable not only for professionals but for casual fans as well. With nearly half a million users following his formerly active account, his departure from Twitter has left many of those involved in the field searching for another video game news aggregator. Though the space left by Nibellion may never be fully filled, we’ve done our best to come up with a list of five accounts you can follow for your gaming news fix. Here they are in alphabetical order.

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Best gaming Twitter accounts to follow

Benji-Sales (@BenjiSales)

Though he does often provide updates on game news, Benji-Sales’ posts mostly focus on numbers, metrics, and the analytical side of the latest releases. However, Nibellion’s exit from Twitter has made Benji one of the best sources that you can go to for the latest industry information. His content consistently gives his followers a look at game charts and launch data, such as lists of Steam top sellers and concurrent players for triple-A multiplayer titles.

Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky)

If you’re looking for trending up-to-date news on (mostly) Western games, Jake Lucky has you covered. His Twitter account consistently provides updates on the latest Twitch and mainstream esports news, such as updates on the latest Call of Duty release. However, he also often shines a light on unique creators that produce one-of-a-kind content, like a post about a French Yu-Gi-Oh Twitch streamer.

Hunter (@NextGenPlayer)

Hunter is another great reference for gaming news and updates as he similarly provides timely and detailed information not only on his Twitter account but also on his personal website. He supplies data on the latest industry reports from both Japan and North America as soon as it becomes available and provides release date lists for upcoming games.

Stealth (@Stealth40k)

Compared to Nibellion and Wario64, Stealth is a lesser-known but equally effective gaming news account on Twitter. Although most of what he covers are Eastern JRPG releases, such as Square Enix and Nintendo news, he does also aggregates review scores for significant releases from a number of different publications, which is similar to what Nibellion did. Stealth also streams various forms of content on Twitch, including let’s play videos of different games and discussions of industry events.

Wario64 (@Wario64)

Make no mistake, this isn’t an account for one of Mario’s arch-rivals. Although Wario64 is mostly known for posting the most up-to-date deals in gaming and technology, they also often write about significant developments in the industry as a whole. With an account boasting over a million followers, it has become a reliable resource for a significant number of people all over the world. But before you click that follow button, be warned; you will end up spending a ton of money once you see all of the relevant sales he consistently posts.