Best Valheim world seeds

What do you want to explore?

Any new world you create in Valheim will be randomly generated. The various biomes in the world you generate will vary from your friend’s world. We’ve developed a good handful of worlds to come up with unique designs in the landscape. For those looking for a specific world to stay in, here are some we’ve created you can manifest to explore on your own or with friends.

KVU57ACC7m – Large starting area

This Valheim world seed features a decent starting area, barely disconnected from another large island to the east. You won’t need a huge boat to visit this area, and if you do create a raft, it won’t be a long journey. There are two, to the east and west, with the plains being nowhere near them. You’ll have to adventure far east and to the north to find those more challenging areas. There are not too many Swamps near this starting location, but several Meadows and Black Forests.

IdeczUKGBTC – Sailing

For those who want a sailing adventure, this starting area is right next to the sea if you go to the west. There’s a large gap that you can explore, and there are numerous, massive waterways all over the world. The starting area is not a lone island. If you go to the east, you can find all of the biomes connected to the starting area, so if you want to set up shop to the west and then find what you need to the east, you don’t have to travel too far to expand and grow.

HBQwb6Z3CT – Plenty of Plains

The Plains biome is one of the tougher environments to battle in Valheim. You can see a plethora of deathsquitos, fuhlings, and lox. While lox are usually pretty tame, if you get close to them, they’ll charge you down and chase after you until you leave their territory. Overall, nearly everything in this region can take you down with a single hit if you’re not careful. The main island in this world does not have too many Plains, except to the northwest of the starting point, but there are massive Plains biomes worldwide, primarily to the south, and they make exploring outside the starting location a challenge. Want a challenge? Feel free to take your longboat out and set sail.

uTRFpAJf7I – Everything you need

If you prefer to avoid sailing and would rather wait until you have a longboat to investigate the rest of your Valheim territory, this world seed has everything you need on the main island. There are small batches of every biome close to the island of where you start. You can set up tiny houses and teleporters all over this region to connect them, and you seldom feel like you need to expand beyond.

GYqaTAczXM – Black Forests everywhere

For those who want to start near close to the Black Forest immediately, this one is basically surrounded by it. There are several patches of Meadows and a few Mountains here and there, but overall the central starting location features many Black Forests. It offers a more difficult challenge for those looking to expand and build a solid foundation at the start of the game, but there are also large Plains biomes in the surrounding islands when you want to expand but are not too close to the starting location.