Best Vanguard Class perk loadout in World War Z: Aftermath

Be the best Vanguard you possibly can.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Vanguard is a new Class added to World War Z with the Aftermath expansion. This Class is equipped with an electrified shield that they use to smash their way through the swarm to get to safety or rip apart a swarm and clear some space for their allies. The more you play and level up this Class, the more perks you’ll unlock. We’ve looked and put together what we think is the best Vanguard Class perk loadout below.

Column 1

Fancy Footwork: Provides better maneuverability while using your Shield Charge ability and allows you to move 30% faster while blocking. Unlocks at level 3.

Column 2

All-Round Defense: You’re protected from attacks on all sides for the first three seconds of a Shield Charge attack. Unlocks at level 5.

Column 3

Shake It Off: All negative effects received from special zombies are removed as soon as you start a Shield Charge attack. Unlocks at level 8.

Column 4

Hurry Back: Decreases the respawn time for the entire team by 15%. Unlocks at level 10.

Column 5

Juggernaut: Decreases your sprint and stamina by 50% while increasing your base health by 35%. Unlocks at level 13.

Column 6

Supply Train: Reload a teammate’s primary weapon when you pass by them using your Shield Charge ability. You’ll receive 5% ammo for your primary weapon for every teammate you pass and reload this way. Unlocks at level 16.

Column 7

Recuperation: Your shield energy constantly recharges for the entire mission, reaching maximum after 140 seconds, but you can’t pick up any equipment bags. Unlocks at level 18.

Column 8

On Your Feet: If there’s an incapacitated teammate within two meters of your position when you end a Shield Charge, they’ll be revived. However, this costs you shield energy. Unlocks at level 20.

Column 9

Inspirational: Respawn a randomly selected teammate by killing 15 zombies in quick succession. Please note that this only applies when you are the last standing member of your team, and there’s a 60-second cooldown timer between revives. Unlocks at level 23.

Column 10

Centre of Attention: Forces all zombies within three meters of you to target you when you use Shield Block, drawing them away from teammates. Unlocks at level 26.

Column 11

Trail Blazer: Set all enemies within two meters of you on fire when you finish a Shield Charge. Unlocks at level 27.

Column 12

Breathing Room: When you’re hit and about to be incapacitated, push back all enemies nearby. Please note that this perk has a 60-second cooldown timer between uses. Unlocks at level 30.