How to equip the Dual Sickles in World War Z: Aftermath

Slice those undead in half.


Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the new melee weapons added to World War Z with the Aftermath expansion is the Dual Sickles. This weapon is a light melee option that all of your characters can equip, but they won’t pick them up by default. This guide covers how to equip any character with the Dual Sickles and start slicing the undead with more efficiency.

How to equip the Dual Sickles

Screenshot by Gamepur

You won’t be able to equip the weapon to your character until you start searching for a mission. When you’ve found a mission you want to play and have started matchmaking, navigate to the Customize option. You can then drill down to the loadout for your survivor.

You’ll be taken to a list of every weapon in the game, including light, medium, and heavy options. Scroll down to the bottom to find the Melee Weapons list. Within this section, you can select the Light Melee Weapons category. It’s here that you can find and equip the Dual Sickles. Select them, and a small triangle will appear in the top-left corner of the weapon’s icon. This indicates that you’ve successfully equipped the Dual Sickles. Now you can navigate back to the main mission screen and press Ready to jump into the mission.

Please note that you won’t be able to use these weapons in the game’s First-Person Mode. When you melee attack with that mode turned on, the camera will zoom out to reveal your character in a third person animation.