Blood in the Water – AC Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs Walkthrough

After killing the Akhenaten Boss in the previous main quest The Heretic, you will continue with some short objectives of the main quest The Curse of the Pharaohs that will later unlock Blood In The Water. After finishing the last one Speak to Isidora. It will trigger a cutscene, later you have to head to Tychon’s villa. A few investigators to come to Isidora’s temple, you can kill them. The villa is guarded, so try to mark down all the enemies first. From the main entrance scan to locate the investigation points. Go up and interact with the locked door on your right. Then look on the table on right with scrolls. Get out and from the right pull the obstacle to getting passage from behind. You will find a wooden box on the left of the door, this completes your investigation.

Blood in the Water Walkthrough

Blood In The Water Walkthrough

Blood In The Water is a Level 49 quest that will reward you 10000XP. Track down the quest through the game menu to begin.

Find the Lotus:

Travel to Swenett, and visit the scribe. You can locate that through Eagle Vision, it is a small house and the door is locked. Interact with the door and there will be a small cutscene.

Find the scribe:

Blood in the Water Walkthrough

After the cutscene, travel to the south. You will find a dead body, next you will have to find and get the ship manifest. Ahead there is a bandit camp. Use the Eagle Vision to properly mark all the enemies in the hideout. There are the lot of them in the center area. There is a single bandit who has the manifest. You will have to kill him to get it.

Reach the Lotus’s Ship:

Blood in the Water Walkthrough

Through manifest, you will get the ship location. Follow the marker. Board the ship and start investigating it. Interact with the eye shape icons to complete it. After completing it you will have to go the next marker, you can see a bonfire at the shore. Talk to the naked man. This completes the investigation.

Find the red-haired thief:

Blood in the Water Walkthrough

Once done the next objective is to locate the thief. Sutekh is the thief you are looking for. He will give you the location of Merti.

Reach Merti’s Villa:

Once you reach there you will have to first kill the soldiers who are looking for the merchant women. There will be a bunch of them a scattered around the villa. You can see the markers around, follow it and you will pot the soldiers. After killing them talk to the women.

Find and Speak to the Antiquarian:

Blood in the Water Walkthrough

A Level 55 enemy Relentless One relentless one will appear, you can either fight or you can skip the fight and head to your next objective. If you are below 51 then it is not recommended to fight, as it is a very strong opponent. Go to the next marker, somewhere in the valley you will get the next point. This is the place where you will meet Tahemet. Kill a soldier and there will be a cutscene. Follow her.

Investigate the Necropolis of the Nobles:

After talking to her you will have to investigate the area, and there are soldiers inside. Kill them and scan the area to locate the investigation points. You will have to walk around the caves and scan deeper, keep following the marker. Look for the wooden platform that you can break and jump down. After investigating the chapter is over.

Blood In Water main quest finishes here when Bayek found a vital info about the relic and also gets the reason behind Pharaoh’s curse. You can read our walkthrough on the next quest The King of Kings or you can also refer to our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide for more updates.