Blox Fruits Shadow Fruit guide – is it good, how to obtain, and moveset

Unleash the power of the shadows with Blox Fruits’ rarest and most formidable fruit!

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In the world of Blox Fruits, the Shadow Fruit is a formidable fruit in any pirate’s arsenal. With powerful attacks and the ability to transform into a swarm of crows, this fruit can help players take down their enemies with ease. But is it worth the grind to obtain it? In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Shadow Fruit, its moves, how to acquire it, and whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Is Shadow Fruit Good?

Shadow Fruit is considered one of the most powerful fruits in Blox Fruits, as it is the most damaging fruit, with every move hurting your opponent in some way. It also has good combo potential and can be used as both a fruit or sword main. The Shade Nest (X) move’s shadow crows have auto-aim and will fly toward the target, making it great for 1v1s and stealing kills. Additionally, the Nightmare Leech (C) move heals the user by 20% of their max health when used on a target, making it useful when the player is low on health.

However, there are some downsides to using Shadow Fruit, including high mastery requirements, a high cost, and the fact that Corvus Torment (V) move drains all of your Umbra Meter. Additionally, when you first join a server or respawn, you will spawn with no Umbra Meter and the Corvus Torment (V) move has a long start-up time. Overall, Shadow Fruit is an excellent option for PvP, but it requires some mastery and skill to use effectively. Furthermore, there is no awakening for the Shadow Fruit.

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Is Shadow Fruit good for grinding?

Shadow Fruit is a good option for grinding in Blox Fruits due to its massive hitbox, especially with the Corvus Torment (V) move, which is excellent for crowded areas. It also has good mobility options, such as Somber Rebellion (Z) move and Nightmare Leech (C) move, making it easy to escape from certain moves or counter rush attacks.

The Umbrage (F) move can also be used to prevent NPCs from healing, making it useful for farming. However, some Shadow Fruit moves, such as Somber Rebellion (Z), Shade Nest (X), and Nightmare Leech (C), are not ideal for farming as they are single-target moves.

How to get Shadow Fruit 

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To obtain Shadow Fruit in Blox Fruits, you just need to purchase it from the Blox Fruit Dealer for 2,900,000 Beli or 2,425 Robux. It has a 1.3% chance to appear in each stock and a 1.1% chance to spawn every hour, making it one of the rarest fruits in the game.

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Shadow Fruit moveset

Below are all the moves and their required mastery for Shadow Fruit.

  • Somber Rebellion (Z): 1 mastery
  • Shade Nest (X): 100 mastery
  • Nightmare Leech (C): 200 mastery
  • Corvus Torment (V): 300 mastery
  • Umbrage (F): 50 mastery