Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits – How to obtain, uses, and awakening cost

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Dough fruit is one of the only mythical fruits in Blox Fruits, which makes players curious about it. Being one of the most wanted fruits it raises the question of whether you should use this fruit instead of your main one. This Blox Fruits guide will help you understand the pros and cons of the Dough fruit, how you can get it, and the cost of awakening it. 

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How to obtain the Dough fruit in Blox Fruits

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To obtain the Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits, players can purchase it for 2,800,000 Beli or 2,400 Robux. The chances of the fruit being in stock are 1.4%, and it has a 1.34% chance to spawn. If you purchase the fruit with Robux, you can forever keep it.

Why use the Dough fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits is a popular choice among players due to its versatility and effectiveness in PvP, grinding, and raiding. The awakened version of the fruit is considered to be better than the unawakened, with faster moves and greater AOE damage, making it ideal for grinding and leveling mastery. The Scorching Donut (F) move can also be used on water which means it’s a great choice for traveling. 

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The fruit has many instinct-breaking moves, excellent combo potential, and great damage, meaning it is a solid choice for PvP battles. When the Pastry River (X) move is used, the user is invulnerable to damage, making it useful in countering teamers. The fruit is also useful in raids if your teammates have a good stunning fruit.

However, the Dough Fruit can be difficult and costly to awaken, and the unawakened version of Sticky Dough move is difficult to land and leaves the user vulnerable. The mastery requirements are high, and obtaining the Raid Microchip can be difficult. Some moves have been nerfed in recent updates, making them less effective. The Missile Jab (Z) move no longer has auto-aim, and the click move cannot be held on mobile.

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Dough fruit all moves Awakening cost in Blox Fruits

The cost of fully awakening the Dough fruit in Blox Fruits is 18,500 Fragments, and here are prices for each move’s awakening. 

  • Dough Fists (Tap): 4000 Fragments
  • Missile Jab (Z): 500 Fragments
  • Pastry River (X): 3000 Fragments
  • Piercing Clothesline (C): 4000 Fragments
  • Dough Fist Fusillade (V): 5000 Fragments
  • Scorching Donut (F): 2000 Fragments