Leopard Fruit uses, how to obtain, and awakening in Blox Fruits

Is just being most-expensive enough?

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In Blox Fruits, you have the luxury of choosing from many fruits, fighting styles, and weapons. However, when it comes to choosing the fruits, things get complicated as you can only have one fruit’s progress at a time. This Blox Fruits guide will discuss whether you should use the Leopard fruit, how you can obtain it, and if it has an awakening. 

How to get Leopard Fruit in Blox Fruits

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You can obtain the Leopard Fruit in Blox Fruits by purchasing it for 5,000,000 Beli or 3,000 Robux. It has a low chance of being in stock, with only a 0.7% and a 0.25% chance of spawning in the world. The Leopard Fruit is the most expensive fruit in the game and is the first to surpass the value of the Dragon Fruit and the Fruit Notifier.

Why use Leopard Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Leopard Fruit in Blox Fruits is considered the most expensive fruit in the game and is highly sought after by players. When transformed, the user gains increased speed and agility, allowing them to dodge quickly and easily. The Leopard Transformation has a 4-hit m1, with the last hit being a roar that breaks Instinct and deals AOE damage. 

The Transformation move also deals damage, similar to Buddha Awakened. The Spiraling Kick’s projectile is hard to see, especially with v1 Instinct, making it a useful tool in combat. The Leopard transformation also provides a small damage reduction, roughly 10%. However, the Body Flicker move has very low mobility and is mainly used as an attack. 

Without Transformation, it can be difficult to land hits on an opponent as almost none of the moves consistently break Instinct. The Spiraling Kick has a slow projectile speed, and the fruit is poor for farming when untransformed due to its knockback and high mastery requirements. Obtaining the Leopard Fruit is also challenging, as it is very expensive and has low spawn and stock rates.

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Does Leopard Fruit have an awakening in Blox Fruits?

Leopard Fruit currently does not have any awakening in Blox Fruits. However, that might change with future updates, and we will update this guide with that information.