Book of the Woods Quest guide – Genshin Impact

It’s a short quest.

Wuwang Hill is a spooky place in Genshin Impact, and it looks like a village had been destroyed here. Standing in the middle of the village is a girl named Little Nine. She had floated down the river and lost her book, which she’d like to have back in her possession. You won’t have to go too far, but the books are scattered in different locations.

You can find Little Nine at the center of the village at the southern portion of Wuwang Hill. After you accept the quest, there are two locations you need to visit to the north of your current position. Climb up the hills behind Little Nine to retrieve. The section deepest in the forest is surrounded by various Electric enemies, and you might want to use an archer or someone with a two-handed sword to take them out.

Each location has golden highlights on the ground that you can pick up. The first one, Paimon points out, doesn’t have any pages on the ground. Unfortunately, after checking both locations, there is no book to find. You have to return to Little Nine to receive more clues about where to find her book.

Upon returning, Little Nine has disappeared, and there’s no trace of her. You do receive 20 Primogem and Adventurer’s Experience for your trouble.