Borderlands 3 Duping Glitch Explained

Borderlands 3

Would it even be a Borderlands game without an easy to replicate duping glitch that allows you to give guns and items to your friends while still keeping them? Borderlands 3 keeps the tradition alive in a way that is so easy I imagine the devs did it on purpose.

Borderlands 3 Duping Glitch Explained

This glitch will allow you to duplicate any weapon, but only during multiplayer on the PC.

  • The person with the rad gun they want to dupe needs to copy their save file.
  • Join a friend in a game, and ensure the person who is getting the weapon is the host.
  • Drop the weapon and get your friend to pick it up.
  • Close the game.
  • Grab your old save file and paste it back into your save folder. Overwrite the save file that is already in there.

And boom, you will both have the weapon. Easy as pie. Remember, your save file will probably be located in Documents, My Games, Borderlands 3, Saved, SaveGames, Folder. If not, you may have done something a little funky with your install and will need to track it down, although I am not sure how funky things can get with Epic Games Store.

Sadly, the glitch cannot be replicated on the console, but if you are on PC prepare to be able to get generous with your friends as you can all share out the best weapons with ease.