Borderlands 3 – How To Get More Guardian Tokens


Borderlands 3’s Guardian Rank system will kick in once you finish the main campaign. People who have played Borderland 2 will be in familiar territory, as it is similar to the Badass Rank from that game. Guardian Rank will allow you to purchase additional bonus stats for your character, adding more variety to potential builds. It’s a reason to stay playing and grinding even after you hit the max level, which is currently 50.

How To Get Guardian Rank and Tokens

You can get Guardian Rank the same way you get standard experience, but playing the game, completing missions, killing enemies, and finding collectibles. A new experience bar will appear above the one you check to see your level, and every time you rank up, you will get a Guardian Token.

Guardian Tokens can be used to purchase one state from a randomly selected pool of six options. They are taking from the Enforcer, Hunter, and Survivor trees. Each tree will randomly offer two stats each time you spend a Token.

Guardian Rank Trees

Enforcer Tree

  • Critical Damage
  • Grenade Damage
  • Gun Damage
  • Gun Fire Damage
  • Melee Damage
  • Vehicle Damage

Survivor Tree

  • Fight For Your Life Duration
  • Fight For Your Life Movement Speed
  • Max Health
  • Shield Capacity
  • Shield Recharge Delay
  • Shield Recharge Rate

Hunter Tree

  • Accuracy
  • Action Skill Cooldown
  • Luck (affects drop rates)
  • Recoil Reduction
  • Reload Speed

On top of that, each tree has breakpoints you can hit when you invest enough token. You will earn passive skills and other buffs from these breakpoints as well. I’ll update the guide with a list of buffs, and when the breakpoints are, as soon as I have that information.