Borderlands 3: Using guns with legs and the new alternative firing mode

Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy

When you think about Borderlands, one of the first things that come to mind are guns, guns, and more guns. With Borderlands 3’s claim of a billion weapons to collect, there’s going to be plenty of choice for all players looking to blast their way through the game.

The gameplay reveal trailer has provided players with two crucial pieces of information.

The first pertains to a new alternative fire mode. Guns from certain manufacturers in the game will allow you to fire a primary and an alternative mode of fire. With Borderlands reputation with guns, this alternate fire mode could mean anything.

In the reveal, Gearbox showed one pistol in particular where the primary fire was to shoot standard bullets, whereas the alternative fire launches small missiles that exploded on impact, as seen in the screenshot below.

Alternative Fire

Other examples of alternative fires mentioned on stream included switching from ice to fire bullets and a chain gun that switched to firing grenades on the alternative. We can’t wait to see what alternatives they have come up with out of the potentially billions of combinations.

The second piece relates to one of our favorite parts of the reveal trailer, the guns with legs! Remember Tediore guns? They were the manufacturer of disposable guns in previous guns. In Borderlands 3, disposing of them can offer some unique and interesting weaponry.

This includes those pesky and hilarious guns on legs but also includes homing cluster bombs and large bouncing grenades.

There is also more hinted at to be revealed, so we hope that with these new changes to the guns and the gameplay that Borderlands 3 will be a huge hit with lovers of crazy guns and big explosions. Keep an eye out for more Borderland 3 coverage as the game moves closer to release.