Borderlands 3 – How To Check Your Mailbox, And Why You Should Do It Often

Borderlands 3

It looks like the arms business has become hyper-competitive in Borderlands 3 because the various weapons manufacturers are going out of their way to win you over as a customer. As you play through the game, they will send you a mail containing great free weapons, because it seems everyone wants the latest and greatest Vault Hunter to be representing their brand.

How To Check Your Mailbox In Borderlands 3


You can check your Mailbox under the Social tab. Just go into the Main Menu, then navigate to Social. In there you will see a small envelope icon on one of the tabs. This is your mailbox, and it is where you will find all the exciting things that people have been sending you. Now, it is pretty easy to let this slip your mind, so a word of caution that I have seen mentioned on social media a few times now.

Before you start accepting items from your mail, make sure you have enough room for them in your Inventory. Quite a few people seem to be mentioning that they are losing items if they accidentally take something out with a full inventory. Others have said that not even the games lost loot mechanic is bringing it back.

As such, be very careful before you take something sweet out of your mailbox, and make sure you have enough room in your inventory for it.

You can also only check your mailbox while you are actively in a game, so you will need to load in as your character to do so.

And that’s it, everything you need to know about the mailbox in Borderlands 3.