How To Farm Eridium In Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is here. The much-loved looter shooter is finally back, and it has all the guns and jokes that you would expect. What it also has is cosmetics. You can make your character look fancy by purchasing cosmetics from some in-game NPCs. If you want to gather up plenty of Eridium, then there is some useful information in this guide for you.

How To Get Eridium In Borderlands 3

Eridium is a purple crystal that you can find dotted around the various locations in Borderlands 3. Unfortunately, you need a particular item to be able to crack those purple crystals and get some useable Eridium from them.

You need to play through to the first Vault in the game. Then you will get an Eridium Gauntlet that allows you to break the crystals, turning them into something you can use. The good news is that Eridium is pretty standard in the game, and gets dropped from bosses. It also has a couple of uses in the game.

  • Buy cosmetics from Crazy Earl
  • Buy powerful items from Crazy Earl’s vending machine
  • You can make guns with it (seriously – there is a gun making machine in the game)

As you play through, pay attention to how much Eridium is in each area, and find good farming spots. I’ll be back to update this guide with my favorite farming spots once I have explored more of the game.