Borderlands 3 – My Boss has been Ghosting me all Week Guide – Kill Captain Haunt


The Bloody Harvest event is here in Borderlands 3, and there are all sorts of challenges to complete, and monsters to kill. Maurice, the talking dinosaur, wants to get to the bottom of these Hauntings. To do it, you will need to kill Captain Haunt.

Borderlands 3 – My Boss has been Ghosting me all Week Guide – Kill Captain Haunt

To kill Captain Haunt, you must first collect 25 Hecktoplasms. You can get Hecktoplasms by killing enemies that are Haunted. Haunted enemies will have strange energy flowing around them, so they are straightforward to spot. Just go to an area that you know has plenty of enemies in it, and murder then until you get the 25 Hecktoplasms you need.

Once you have them all, return to Maurice on the Sanctuary III. Talk to him, and a portal will open behind him. Jump through it, and you will be whisked off to Heck, to try and find out what is going on. You will need to fight your way through different areas, and eventually, you will come to a locked gate. Just kill enemies in the area until a Keymaster arrives. The first Keymaster is a fierce enemy, so take him out to open the gate.

The second Keymaster has a shield protecting them connected to two Shielding Phylacteries. Take them both out to drop his shield, then kill him to continue. The third and final Keymaster will not have a shield, but will rapidly regenerate health. Take them out quickly.

Eventually, you will come to Captain Haunt himself. Haunt has a large shield, so take that out with Electrical Damage, then work his health bar down. As you take away a third of his health bar, more Shielding Pylacteries will spawn to protect him. Take them out, then damage him again and repeat the cycle until he is dead.