Borderlands 3 – I am Rakkman! Guide – How to Kill Haunted Rakkman

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The Bloody Harvest event is upon us in Borderlands 3, and there are all sorts of challenges to complete, and monsters to kill. Maurice, the talking dinosaur, wants to get to the bottom of these Hauntings, and to do it you will need to kill the Haunted Rakkman.

Borderlands 3 – I am Rakkman! Guide – Kill Haunted Rakkman

You can find the Haunted Rakkman on Pandora, in Carnivora. You will need to make your way through the area at the start, where the fast travel point is, and through to the open plains beyond.

Haunted Rakkman Location

When you leave the first built-up area, you will find a Catch-a-Ride, so spawn in a vehicle, then set off across the desert. Head for the area marked with the X on the map above. You’re going to find the Rakkman there.

Rakkman is a pretty tough fight. He moves around a lot and has a very hard-hitting slam attack that he does when he jumps down from the ceiling, where he likes to perch. Make sure you have your hardest-hitting weapons equipped to take him out.

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Remember, the Bloody Harvest runs until Dec. 5, so you have plenty of time to wrap up all the challenges.