Borderlands 3 – Mali Wannabees Quest Guide – Should You Kill Max Or Rax?


As you play through the Meridian Outskirts in Borderlands 3, you will come across Ziff. She wants some help to solve a murder mystery, and get some revenge against people who took part in a massacre. The problem is nobody knows who did it, so you have to find out who to blame.

Borderlands 3 – Mali Wannabees Quest Guide

First up, you need to investigate a murder scene, so go check out the body bags thrown under a bridge. After that, you’ll make your way to the supply vehicle. None of this is very complicated, so I am assuming it is not the area you need help with.

Eventually, you will discover that two people, Rax and Max, have claimed they are the killers. Not knowing who to blame, Ziff asks you to pick one of them to kill. I’m assuming most people are curious what killing either of them will do. The answer is nothing. They don’t drop specific loot, or different weapons, or anything like that. They are just two guys on a bridge that you pick between.

When one of them dies, the other stops being hostile, and when you leave the bridge, Ziff will give you the option to go back and kill the other one anyway. So yeah, it doesn’t matter which one you kill.

What is interesting about this bridge is that it can spawn an Easter Egg called Borman Nates, a reference to a certain character from the thriller novel, turned movie, turned various other adaptations, Psycho.

Borman Nates is a decently tough fight, so be careful with him, and he can drop some pretty nice loot as well.