Borderlands 3’s returning characters

 Borderlands 3’s returning characters

The Borderlands series has always been games with big personalities. Borderlands 2 and Borderlands Pre-Sequel’s Handsome Jack, for example, was a fantastic and bombastic villain who was a big part of what made those two games so enjoyable.

The whole cast of the previous games have come along on the journey with us and each one is has a place in many players hearts, even Claptrap!

The gameplay reveal of Borderlands 3 provided details of who we can expect to see in the new game. Most of the returning characters will be returning as NPCs, but their level of involvement has not quite been revealed yet.

The comprehensive list of characters that will be returning to the series in Borderlands 3 is below:

  • Claptrap – Acts as your guide for the beginning portion of the game and primary source of everything silly in Borderlands 3.

  • Lilith – The voice inside your head and Commander of the Crimson Raiders returns as another guide to the world and your missions.

  • Marcus – Returns with his gunshop on the Sanctuary III to allow for weapons and upgrades.


  • Moxxi – Returns with her bar on the Sanctuary III, with probably a similar role to her one in Borderlands 2.

  • Tannis – Appears in the Infirmary in the reveal but may continue to offer quests.

  • Maya – Appears as an NPC and looks very cool, though her role is unclear.

  • Hammerlock – Has a trophy room where he will ask the player to secure trophies for his walls.

  • Ellie – Acts as the ship mechanic and hangs out near the hangar.

  • Zer0 – Also returns as an NPC, but is looks as though he may play a bigger role guiding the player.

That is everyone so far. There are a couple of notable absentees, especially Tiny Tina, but this was the first set to be revealed and we are sure more will be announced in time. So far, though, the game looks to be plenty of fun with its colourful cast of characters!