Borderlands 3 – Where To Find Your Room In Sactuary, And How To Decorate It

Borderlands 3

One thing I like about Borderlands 3 is that you get your own room on Sanctuary to decorate as you see fit. It’s a nice touch, and I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted other loot-based cooperative games to give you a little space to make your own.

Where To Find Your Room

Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Map

Your room is located to the right of Sanctuary, right beside the Fast Travel point, and the Lost Loot Machine.

How To Decorate Your Room

Place Decoration

There are some empty hooks on the wall that will allow you to place decorations if you walk up to them and hit the interaction button. There are three hooks in total, but one of the spots is pretty dark, so you might want to put a neon sign of some sort there. There is also a row of panels on one of the walls that will allow you to place a weapon or some gear. This is nice as the weapon hangs on the wall, and the outside of the panel will glow with whatever color rarity the weapon is. It’s a very cool way to show off your great Legendary and Epic weapons.

How To Get Decorations

While any weapon can be placed on the panels, you can get decorations for the walls by opening chests, finishing missions, and purchasing them from Crazy Earl. You might be better saving the Eridium for weapons and the like, and letting the cosmetics be your endgame when you already have a load of cool weapons, but that is up to you.

And there you go, everything you need to know about your room and how to decorate it.