Borderlands 3: What Do You Get for Tipping Moxxi, and How Much?


Those who are in love with Moxxi, the flirty bar owner from Borderlands 2, are thrilled she returns in Borderlands 3. She’s still running the bar, and she’s still breaking hearts left and right. Regardless, like any good bartender, she has a tip jar you can donate to if she gives you a good enough drink, or if she winks at you the right way. When you donate to the tip jar, you’re going to receive a random gun after specific amounts.

What to Tip Moxxi’s Jar And How It Works in Borderlands 3

Where is it and What it Does

You’re going to find Moxxi’s tip jar in her bar on the Sanctuary ship. You’re going to have to wait until you finish the first part of the game on Pandora to reach this location. Even then, you’re going to need to double-check on all the crew to make sure they’re doing okay, given the shenanigans at the start. After everything settles down, you’re going to visit Moxxi’s bar to acquire some Eredium from her slot machine. You’re probably going to miss the tip jar, but you can fight it on the right side of her bar.

When you approach it, you have the option to tip $100 or $1,000. Either choice is going to get you a gun from a different, randomized loot table, eventually. It won’t happen immediately, but the process builds up. You’re going to receive these weapons in your mail, so after you tip Moxxi a specific amount, make sure to your mail’s inventory.

How Much To Tip Moxxi

The specific amount to tip Moxxi is broken up into $10,000, $15,000, $30,000, and sometimes even $40,000 marks. At $10,000, you’re going to receive a weapon trinket to hang on the side of your gun. When you reach $15,000, $30,000, and $40,000, you’re going to receive a brand new weapon. To ensure you reach that mark, you can give it to her all in one go, rather than doing it at random times when you’re on the ship.

An important note to have regarding this system is that you have to keep offering her $1,000. Breaking it up to $100 might seem easy, but Moxxi doesn’t like anything cheap. To stay on her good side, continue giving her the $1,000 option when you see her. You’re going to want to visit her late in your game to throw away these amounts. You’ll want to get to her when you’re around level 30 or 35. When you’re at this level, you can get the most benefits from her weapons and freely give away this much currency without it harming your playthrough.