Bray Sectors in Destiny 2 – Augment: Bray Exoscience Triumph

Those damn Brays.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

This week, you can use the Bray Transponder from Variks, which will cost 50 Herealways Pieces, to find the Bray Sectors, and finish up the Augement: Bray Exoscience Triumph.

As always, you need to purchase the Transponder, then make your way to Cadmus Ridge. Here you will find the Techno Squad on patrol. This is a group of Fallen with one invisible, unkillable enemy in the mix. Take out all the enemies until the invisible one stands alone, and you will be able to damage him.

They will once again be lurking in the Europa Eclipsed Zone, so you will have plenty of abilities and Supers to throw at them. You can find them near the Lost Sector, or down near the entrance to Bray Exoscience.

Destiny 2

When the invisible enemy dies, they will drop a buff you can interact with, giving a message on the screen that says “Bray Sectors”. Now, head into Bray Exoscience and look for small drones flying around. Three of them will be black, while one of them will be a golden color. Destroy the golden one and one of the black drones will change color. Destroy them all, in the order that they become golden, then interact with a console that will be marked nearby.

You will need to take out three different groups that can all spawn in different regions. For us, the first group spawn in the large room at the start of Bray Exoscience, and the next two groups were on the route that you would take if you were playing through the campaign. You can see exactly where we found them in the video above.

Once you take out all three and grab the three different consoles the Triumph will be completed. Remember, there will be a new one each week until all the Triumphs are done, so make sure you have 50 Herealways Pieces for Variks next Tuesday.