Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ – How to Complete Researcher’s Dilemma

The Researcher’s Dilemma has you racing across the Vondel DMZ map in Call of Duty, and this guide shows you how to finish this mission.

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The Researcher’s Dilemma mission is one of the many unique quests that you can do while playing on the Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ map. Like many missions, there are three steps to this quest, and it does require a bit of setup to complete it.

We had to make our way to the veterinary office in the Vondel Zoo and then race over to the church by the castle before finally returning to the veterinary office. All of this has to be completed in the same deployment, which doesn’t leave any wiggle room for making mistakes. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Researcher’s Dilemma and finish all of the steps in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ.

All Researcher’s Dilemma Steps in DMZ

Before working on this quest, it is important to have access to the Veterinary Key. This is a special key that you can find while exploring the DMZ maps, and you have a good chance of acquiring it while playing on the DMZ Vondel map, which is where the veterinary is featured. After you have this key, the first step should be relatively easy to complete, so long as you can get there safely.

There are missions that feature the Veterinary Key as a reward. Another good way to acquire this key is by completing High-Value Target missions that you find in Vondel and taking down those targets while playing DMZ matches. Unfortunately, these drops are randomized, so you won’t always get this key.

Where to Find the Researcher’s Notes in the Vondel Zoo Veterinary Office in DMZ

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After you have the Veterinary Key, make your way to the Veterinary building, which is on the southwest of the Vondel Zoo. It’s the largest building on this corner in the DMZ map, and when you get inside, there will be a locked door, where you will need to use the Veterinary Key. After you get inside, you need to track down the item called “Vondel Gas Researcher’s Notes” and add them to your inventory.

Where to Place The Researcher’s Notes on the Second Floor of the Church in DMZ

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The next step is to make your way to the west side of DMZ’s Vondel Map and reach the Castle district. You can find the Castle district on the northwest part of the map. There should be a church in this area, on the south side of the region. You need to reach the second floor by going up a ladder and find another set of notes called “False Gas Research Notes.” Pick those up off the ground, and place the real ones down.

Where to Place False Notes in Veterinary Office in DMZ

The final step is to return to the Veterinary Office on the south part of the map and place the fake notes you grabbed from the church. It’s important to note all of this needs to be completed in the same match, and I found it best to do this by having a vehicle near you and racing through the map. Although it is a loud method, there’s no better way to make sure all of these notes are grabbed and put in their proper place before the match ends.