Can a pet die in Roblox Adopt Me? answered

Don’t worry; fluffy is safe.


Image via DreamCraft

Roblox Adopt Me is one of the biggest games among the Roblox community. Players in this game spend their days collecting pets, and they take that job extremely seriously. However, with all your work being solely on collecting pets, sometimes it can be a horrifying scare to think that they might be able to die. The question of pet death in Roblox Adopt Me is cropping up more and more among the game’s community, which is why we’ve provided the definitive answer.

Can a pet die in Roblox Adopt Me?

Don’t worry. Your pets cannot die in Roblox Adopt Me. The only thing that makes you lose a pet is merging four into one to create a neon variant. In this instance, you’ll lose four pets who may have their own personality. If you’ve become particularly attached to a pet, don’t merge it. Find another one you can merge instead so that you can keep that one pet you’ve bonded with.

It’s natural to worry about your pets in the game. Plenty of people worry about their pets dying in real life, and this game is simply an extension, if an exaggerated one, of the pet-owning experience. As we’ve mentioned, though, there’s no way that your pet can die. No matter how reckless you are with them, they’ll always bounce back.