Can Ruins be replayed in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

Replay your favorite dungeons on a harder difficulty.

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As you progress through Tower of Fantasy, you will encounter different Ruins. These pieces of the past are the game’s dungeons and offer a good challenge for those who wish to go through them. Your challenge will be rewarded with a lot of loot and a relic. You will fight enemies and discover chests throughout these dungeons, but what happens if you want to replay ruins in Tower of Fantasy?

Can Ruins be replayed?

The short answer to the quest is yes. You can replay Ruins that you have completed in the past, but there is a catch. Once you have completed one of the dungeons on a difficulty, you can’t replay that difficulty. This means that if you beat a Ruins dungeon on easy, you can’t go back and replay it on easy. If you try, you will be able to enter the dungeon, but there won’t be any enemies.

How to replay ruins in Tower of Fantasy

The only reason you should enter a dungeon you already completed is if you accidentally left a chest or two behind and need to go back and get it. To replay a dungeon, you will need to raise the difficulty level. This also means that you will need to return when you are at a higher level. For instance, the first Ruins in the game, A-01, cannot be replayed on medium difficulty until you are at least level 25.

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When you return to a dungeon you have completed, it will show you which difficulties you haven’t completed it on yet, and you can select the difficulty you wish to play it on. If you aren’t a high enough level to enter the dungeon, it will prevent you from entering until you meet the required level.