Can you add draft classes to MyGM in NBA 2K21?

2K continues to restrain rookie GMs.

Probably the most in-depth and demanding mode in NBA 2K21 would have to be MyGM. From maintaining relationships with employees to trading for superstars, this wonderful venture is quite similar to the actual duties of being a general manager of a real NBA team. However, when it comes to downloading draft classes in the mode, the immersion may end there for you – at least for a short time.

First season frustrations

The biggest criticism concerning MyGM in NBA 2K20 was the fact that users couldn’t implement user-created draft classes until after you complete your first simulated season. 2K’s inability to let you do this left you with fake and horrendous draftees that affected the rest of your MyGM experience.

Unfortunately, the same issue plagues the mode in 2K21 as well. As many other fixes are coming to other parts of the game, we can only hope that this also becomes patched before the season begins. Yet, 2K hasn’t shown any indication of doing so.

How to download draft classes in future seasons

For those who’ve already completed their first season, you will be able to download user-created draft classes through the Scouting option in the mode’s main menu. Find and click on Prospect Scouting, then press triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox, and it will prompt you to download the custom class of your choosing.

If you’re looking for actual, future draft classes, they typically remain on top of the heap, as they are the most downloaded each year. Considering that you are downloading content, your console will require wi-fi to do this. Once downloaded, you can still access your MyGM save offline.