Can you break Bedrock in Minecraft? Answered

That’s some tough stuff.

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For Minecraft players, once you reach layers of Bedrock in your world, you have reached the end of the line for how far you can go. This mega tough block appears at the bottom of the Overworld and the top and bottom of the Nether. However, what could be on the other side? Can you break through Bedrock in Minecraft?

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Can Bedrock be broken in Minecraft?

If you are playing in Survival Mode, Bedrock can not be destroyed without the use of some kind of cheat or exploit, which could easily be patched out at any time. When you reach the layer, anything you strike against the blocks will have no effect. The block will not even show you are striking it.

With the above being said, it is possible to break Bedrock while in Creative Mode. Just strike it, and it will instantly break like every other block in the mode. This can allow you to see the void of nothingness that is on the other side. Digging straight down in the Overworld will let you fall through until you reach an invisible barrier at the bottom.

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There really is no benefit to breaking through Bedrock in the Overworld. The minimum height to place blocks is -64, so below the Bedrock, you can’t do anything except fly around in the nothingness. However, you can use this Creative Mode to make travel in the Nether much easier. If you fly straight up, break through the Bedrock, and build a ladder or staircase up to it, you can run across the ceiling in Survival Mode. Of course, to get back down in certain areas, you will need to switch back to Creative and make an entryway for you to get back down.