Can you catch a shiny form of Deoxys Defense Forme in Pokémon Go? – July 1, 2021

How shiny is it?

Image via Niantic

With Deoxys Defense Forme returning to five-star raids in Pokémon Go, players are hungry to go after it and add it to their collection. Most trainers will be concerned about obtaining this Pokémon for the Great League and making sure it’s ready for multiple PvP battles. However, a handful of players are keen on acquiring this Pokémon’s shiny form and adding it to their collection. So, when Deoxys Defense Forme returns to five-star raids, can you catch its shiny form? These five-star raids will be happening from July 1 to 16.

Unfortunately, the Pokémon Go blog post that made the original announcement did not detail if the shiny form would be available. In the past, this Pokémon has had its shiny form appear for players to catch. Although, later in the month, Mewtwo appears in five-star raids in much of the same fashion, and it was mentioned that the shiny form would be appearing. Because Mewtwo’s shiny form was mentioned, and Deoxys Defense Forme’s form was not mentioned, we’re under the impression that it won’t show up.

It looks like from July 1 to 16, Deoxys Defense Forme will not have its shiny form available. We’re basing our speculation on the fact that the Pokémon Go blog post announcement did not mention the shiny, but it did mention Mewtwo’s five-star raids happening later this month would have a shiny form. We may need to update this guide to change if the shiny form appears or not when players complete their raids against Deoxys and encounter a shiny form, but we believe that won’t be the case.

Regardless, Deoxys Defense Forme is an extremely good Pokémon to go after, and we highly recommend every player interested in competing in the Great League to hunt after it.