Can you catch a shiny Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon Go?

How good are your chances?

Image via Niantic

Reports of Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon Go have arrived following the release of the Daily Adventure Incense. The sudden arrival of these legendary Pokémon is taking everyone by surprise, and many are wondering if they’ll continue to be available moving forward. Here’s what you need to know about if you can catch a shiny Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon Go.

Is there a shiny Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon Go?

We cannot confirm if there is a shiny version of these Pokémon when you encounter them. These three Galarian Pokémon are appearing for the first time in Pokémon Go, which likely means they will not have a shiny version. A Pokémon’s shiny version is typically not available when a Pokémon first arrives in the mobile game.

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We usually expect a shiny version of a Pokémon to appear during a special event or when Niantic has listed it on their blog. Because Galarian Zapdos and the other birds, Galarian Articuno and Moltres, are making their appearances for the first time, we highly doubt the shiny versions will be available.

When trainers encounter these Pokémon following the Daily Adventure Incense item, there’s a low chance of catching these Pokémon. Most trainers have claimed that these Pokémon have normally fled from the encounter, even if they attempt to increase the chances using the best Pokémon Balls and Golden Razz berries. Hopefully, some trainers will have a chance to add these exclusive Pokémon to their collection.

We do not expect the shiny versions to appear during this sudden appearance. Niantic will likely tie in these shiny versions to have something to do with a future event, which will increase the chances of players potentially encountering them in the wild.