Can you catch a shiny Litwick in Pokémon Go?

What are your chances of encountering it?

Image via Niantic

There are several Pokémon you can capture in Pokémon Go. You can encounter them while walking around your neighborhoods, battling against them in raids, or completing Field Research tasks that you receive from PokéStops in your local area. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a shiny version of a Pokémon in your travels. For those hunting down Litwick, what are the chances you can catch the shiny version of this Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Unfortunately, Litwick does not have a shiny version available right now. Litwick has been in Pokémon Go since September 2019. Niantic has not held an event to release this Pokémon’s shiny version throughout that time, so we might not see it for a while. Most of the time, most Pokémon see their shiny versions releasing a year or two after their release. For Litwick and its evolved forms, Lampent and Chandelure, we might have to wait for 2022.

When Litwick’s shiny version does release, the Pokémon will be available to capture in the wild and it should have increased spawns. In addition, the shiny version will be attached to a specific event, one that typically ties into the Pokémon quite well. Unfortunately, we have no additional information regarding when this could happen.