Is Poltergeist good and how to best use it in Pokémon Go

It’s not too scary of an attack.

Image via Niantic

The move Poltergeist will soon make its debut in Pokémon Go. It’s a Ghost-type charged attack, and it’s a powerful choice. However, not only does the move matter, but the Pokémon the capable of learning it. Therefore, it is critical to figure out the best Pokémon, despite having a good amount of power. Here’s what you need to know about if Poltergeist is good and how to best use it in Pokémon Go.

All Poltergeist stats

Poltergeist will be a charged attack, which means it will need a Pokémon to have a reliable fast move to charge up enough energy to use it. In addition, it will be a Ghost-type attack, making it super effective against Ghost and Psychic-type Pokémon, but it won’t be effective against Dark or Normal-type Pokémon.

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These are the overall stats of Poltergeist for use in PvP and PvE.

  • PvP
    • Poltergeist will do 140 damage to an opponent, and it will cost 75 energy to use
  • PvE
    • Poltergeist will do 140 damage to an opponent, and it will require 100 energy to use

Poltergeist is a powerful Ghost-type attack. However, it requires a lot of energy for a Pokémon to use it in battle, for both PvE and PvP situations.

How to best use Poltergeist

If you have the chance to teach Poltergeist to a Pokémon, it will do well on one that has a high energy fast move and one that is very durable. You’ll be waiting a reasonable amount of time for your Pokémon to have enough energy to use Poltergeist, and because of that, your Pokémon will take heavy damage during a battle. If your Pokémon doesn’t have a high energy move, you shouldn’t expect to use Poltergeist, and you’ll want to go with other options.

However, if your Pokémon has a good amount of defense and a decent energy fast move, Poltergeist is an excellent attack to deal a lot of damage against an opponent. On the other hand, if your opponent has a shield, we don’t recommend using Poltergeist.

Is Poltergeist good?

For Poltergeist’s debut, it will be available to Chandelure. Unfortunately, this is probably a poor option for anyone eager to try out the attack. Chandelure is not a good choice for Poltergeist, and we do not recommend using it as a viable option in its build. You’re better off with its standard moveset, Flame Charge and Shadow Ball. When Poltergeist becomes available to other Pokémon in the future, we’re looking forward to more durable Ghost-type Pokémon and ones that have a good fast move to charge up enough energy to use it.