Can you catch a shiny Pancham in Pokémon Go?

A bright future.

Image via Niantic

For the Luminous Legends X event in Pokémon Go, a new Pokémon is being introduced for the event’s second half. Starting on May 11, all players will have the chance to encounter a Pancham in one-star raids after successfully meeting the Fairy-type challenge of capturing 500 million worldwide. Pancham is a Fighting-type Pokémon, and its evolved form, Pangoro, is a Dark and Fighting-type with an excellent moveset, and is a Pokémon we recommend adding to your roster for the Great and Ultra League. With only one way to capture Pancham, you unfortunately will not have any chances to capture its shiny form.

With Pancham making its introduction to Pokémon Go, a shiny version will not be available. When it first releases, Pancham will be a raid only Pokémon, but it will be coming to Strange Eggs in the Luminous Legends Y event, which happens on May 18, and releases the next legendary Pokémon, Yvetal. In both itterations, Pancham won’t receive a shiny version.

A shiny version for Pancham is expected to drop in the future, but at an unknown time. Every time Niantic releases a new shiny Pokémon, the development team wait a year or so to release its shiny version, extending its interest for the community. Pancham’s shiny version will likely arrive in a weekly event, alongside an increased chance for players to encounter it and add it to their collection.

We don’t know when to expect Pancham’s shiny version, but expect it to release in 2022.