Can you catch a shiny Pumpkaboo in Pokémon Go?

Does Pumpkaboo shine like a jack-o’-lantern?

Image via Niantic

Pumpkaboo will be making its debut appearance in Pokémon Go during the Halloween Mischief event. It’s a two-part event, with Pumkaboo and Phantump appearing for the second half for the Halloween Mischief Part 2: Ghoulish pals portion. With Pumpkaboo receiving a chance to appear in the wild, what are the chances of catching a shiny Pumpkaboo?

Similar to Phantump, Pumpkaboo does not have a shiny version at this time in Pokémon Go. So no matter how many times you encounter it in the wild or battle it in a raid, you won’t find an opportunity to catch a shiny version. Niantic goes through this process whenever a new Pokémon releases to the game. While the shiny version of the Pokémon might have uploaded to the game already, the team has not made it available.

The release of a shiny version typically happens for a special event. For example, during the Halloween Mischief event this year, Spinarak received its shiny version and increased spawns until the end on October 31. Pumpkaboo will have the same treatment in the future. The exact release date for that shiny version is unknown, though. Sometimes it happens in a year, or it might take longer. It depends on when the Niantic team can find a worthwhile event that feels appropriate for Pumpkaboo.

We can expect a special announcement when Pumpkaboo receives a shiny version, and all players can expect to see it appear in the wild more often for that event. Pumpkaboo is a unique Pokémon that comes in various sizes that you can visually see in the game, rather than merely reading about the size differences in the menu.