Can You Catch Mimikyu In Pokemon Go? (2023)

Mimikyu is one of the most famous Gen 7 Pokemon, but can it be caught in Pokemon Go? We have all the details.

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Mimikyu is one of the most popular Ghost-type Pokemon, but can you catch it in Pokemon Go? It seems like an obvious choice for Pokemon Go, but many coveted species are still missing from the game.

Mimkyu was introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon, but it had already acquired a fanbase in the run-up to the game’s launch, as fans flocked to the Pokemon that was so lonely that it dressed like Pikachu so someone would catch it. Since then, Mimikyu has appeared in several mainline Pokemon titles and featured in lots of merchandise, as players love to have the mimicry ghost on their team or on their shelves.

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Is Mimikyu Available In Pokemon Go?

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Unfortunately, Mimikyu is not in Pokemon Go as of the time of writing, nor has it been announced for a future release. This is even though fans are calling out for a Mimikyu Halloween event in Pokemon Go, especially in the face of so many existing Pokemon being recycled in existing events, and a slow influx of new content over time.

It has been confirmed that data for Mimikyu exists in the Pokemon Go files, with its stats, typing, and even multiple forms partially programmed into the game. According to data miners, Mimikyu will have a Disguised form and a Busted form, reflecting its Disguise Ability in the mainline games, where its costume changes when it takes damage.

Why Niantic hasn’t finished the job and put Mimikyu in the game is unclear, and it’s possible that the shy ghost Pokemon is being saved for a big event further down the road, as it’s a guaranteed way to generate hype among the fanbase. The developers likely want to ration the number of new Pokemon being added to the game so that there isn’t a point where the game won’t receive content in the wait between generations, which is why some popular Pokemon still aren’t in the game.

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Mimikyu’s popularity, coupled with its presence in the files of Pokemon Go, suggests that it will definitely arrive in the game at some point. Fans love this Pokemon too much for it to be left on the sidelines forever. It’s just a case of when and not if, but it’s unclear exactly when Pikachu’s imposter will finally make its debut in Pokemon Go.