Can you catch Titans in Coromon?

The idea is to catch them all, right?

Image via Freedom Games

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In Coromon, you are sent out into the world to capture and train the titular creatures, but there are some coromon that have ascended beyond the rest of their kind. These are the Titans, legendary coromon that have become beacons of elemental fury with so much power that they can destroy buildings. Taking down these Titans is a core part of your journey across Uelua.

Of course, where there are creatures with that much power, it is always tempting to try to capture them and put them to work for yourself. After all, having a team of six Titans would be the epitome of cool, right?

Can you catch the Titans?

The Titans are powerful elemental forces in the world of Coromon, but you aren’t able to add them to your roster, unfortunately. You can’t catch any of the Titans and use them to help you in your journey. Though they have a lot of the same features as coromon, the Titans aren’t quite the same as the common creatures that you capture and train in the game. They’re not even listed alongside the other coromon of the world, which leads to some debate about what exactly they are.

It is possible that a future update to the game will add them as catchable coromon, but, for now, wielding the Titans is sadly just out of reach.