Can you dual wield in Valheim?

Are you prepared for battle?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Valheim allows you to survive in a dangerous environment, using your wit and your creativity to endure the numerous creatures hunting you. You’ll have to learn how to craft various items, armor, and weapons, to take down the bosses and progress through the game. Given Valheim’s creativity and unique approach, do players have the ability to dual wield weapons, and is it effective?

In Valheim’s present early access build, dual-wielding is not available. Players won’t be able to grab a pair of daggers or swords and charge straight into a boss battle. Now, they can spend hours in a day to create a home that looks like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, but carrying two weapons at the same time is not available. It could be a feature that developer Iron Gate Studio explores later in the game’s development. Many Valheim Reddit players would greatly enjoy seeing it added with the team working towards officially releasing the game.

If the developers were to release a new feature to allow players to dual-wield their weapons, it would likely happen in the game’s second chosen to update, Cult of the Wolf. The update does not have an exact date based on Iron Gate’s roadmap for 2021. However, of the upcoming content updates for the game, Cult of the Wolf revolves around exploration and combat, making the most logical sense to add a new approach for combat. It’d be a way for players to find out what works for them, alongside any new weapons and grinds the developer unleashes.

The Cult of the Wolf is only the second of the four known updates coming to Valheim in the future. They may not all release in 2021, but for those curious about what’s coming in the future, know that the developers at Iron Gate Studio are eager to provide more content to their eager community.