Can you hotkey weapons in Sons of the Forest?

Switch to your best weapon before you get overrun.

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You’ll encounter a good amount of combat when fighting enemies in Sons of the Forest, which means you’ll want a reliable way to hotkey your weapons while playing. Because Sons of the Forest is a horror survival game, not everything will be easy, such as the hotkeys you use and how you switch between weapons. This means there are difficult methods to switch between weapons, which won’t be fast. Can you hotkey weapons in Sons of the Forest? Here is what you need to know.

How to setup hotkeys in Sons of the Forest

When the Sons of the Forest originally launched, you were not able to do hotkeys. However, the developers heard the outcry from the Community, and they have now added hotkeys for you to swap your weapons. This should be a faster method than the standard switching you could from picking up your backpack.

You can assign hotkeys from your inventory by hovering over items and then clicking the 0 from 9 keys on your keyboard. This will assign that chosen item to that hotkey, and you can quickly switch to it while playing Sons of the Forest. Alternatively, you can still go with the previous backpack method, which we breakdown below.

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How to add items to your backpack in Sons of the Forest

Click on your backpack to place items on it, such as the weapons you want to use. You can also use this menu to remove items from your backpack, returning them to your main inventory. After you’ve selected the items you want to have on your, get out of the inventory page.

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Once you’re out of the inventory page, hold the “I” button, and your character will hold their backpack out in front of them. You can then hover your mouse over any of the items you’ve placed on your backpack and switch between them without going into your main inventory. Although this method is still slow, it’s faster than going through every item in your inventory and clicking the weapon you need to use during a fight.