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Can you hug Kelvin or Virginia in Sons of the Forest?

We really want to show our appreciation for these helpful friends.

Sons of the Forest is currently out in early access as a sequel to the popular survival horror title, The Forest. Fans are jumping in and discovering their immense admiration for the game’s two AI companions that accompany the player character over the course of their horrendous time in this island wilderness.

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You first encounter Kelvin right after a helicopter crash, and the poor dude has suffered some severe damage to his ears, making him completely deaf. You can communicate with him via a notepad, but the emotional side of us just wants to hug him and say that everything will be okay. Similarly, you meet Virginia randomly in the woods and watch as she learns to trust you if you show her that you are not a threat. What better way to say you are nice than with a hug?

Hugging Kelvin and Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Sadly, your interactions with Kelvin and Virginia are limited in Sons of the Forest. With Kelvin, you are basically given a few predetermined commands that you can issue through the notepad, but none of them really show any sort of emotional attachment to the guy. He will eat when you eat and drink when you drink sometimes, but there is no warm embrace to be had, even if you think you need one after a scary encounter with a mutated creature.

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Virginia is in a similar boat. She is way more cautious of you, and even when befriended, there is no option for a hug regardless of how nice she is to you. However, she will dance for you sometimes. You can’t give her too many commands, and she will just do her own thing around you, including helping you out if you equip her with a gun or two.

The range of how players want to interact with these two characters is quite humorous. Most want to hug them, but you can also find some dastardly solo survivalists who murder them instead. Just be careful though, as when you kill Kelvin or Virginia they will not come back.

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