How to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest

Get ready for a quick swim.

Image via Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest will have you fighting all kinds of different enemies. As you progress through the days, the enemies will keep getting tougher, so you’ll want to fill your inventory with the right equipment and weapons to survive. One of the most important weapons is the pistol, which is great because it can help you quickly take down your targets. In this guide, we are going to show you how to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest to help you stay alive.

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How to get the pistol and its ammo in Sons of the Forest

Screenshot by Gamepur

Thankfully, the developers were kind enough to make the pistol a weapon that isn’t difficult to get. You don’t need to worry about exploring any dark, cannibal-infested caves. Instead, you just need to pick it up from a spot.

To get the pistol, head over to the western side of the map and keep going until you reach the shore. From there, you must look toward the ocean to find a small orange floating raft. You can see it in the image above.

Swim your way to the raft and enter it. Keep in mind that there will be some hungry sharks waiting in the water to munch on you, so make sure your health bar is full before swimming. Otherwise, you’ll be dead in the water. On the boat, you will find plenty of items, including the pistol. There is also a GPS locator on the corpse, so make sure you pick it up as well.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once done, swim back to the shore, go to your base, and save the game to not lose any progress. As for the ammunition, you can find it as regular loot at different places. However, since ammo isn’t easy to come by, make sure not to waste your bullets. Save your ammo for the tougher challenge in Sons of the Forest.