How to change Kelvin’s clothes in Sons of the Forest

Kelvin’s got that drip.

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Kelvin is one of the many companions you can find in Sons of the Forest. To be exact, he is the first companion you can get since he is found in the same area where you wake up after the helicopter crash. Kelvin is full of surprises and is able to get you items, build shelters, and more. Treat Kelvin nicely and he will stick around, helping you as much as he can. If you want to be extra good to him, you can give him a change of clothes and get him out of his tactical gear. This guide will show you how to change Kelvin’s clothes in Sons of the Forest.

How to switch Kelvin’s clothes in Sons of the Forest

Kelvin deserves to be treated well. After all, he survived the helicopter crash and is worse for wear than you are. After waking up on the beach, you can use Kelvin’s aid to pick up various items like logs, sticks, and rocks as well as to build an elaborate home. Due to the amount of work that he does, you should be kind enough to give him an item or two to help him feel more at home in the forest.

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Before you can change Kelvin’s clothes, you first need to find a new set of clothes somewhere across the island. You can find clothes in multiple areas like campsites and underground facilities. Typically, you will find items like hoodies but you can also find pants and various shirts. When you find a new item, pick it up like you would any other resource then bring it back to Kelvin.

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Interact with Kelvin by holding down the E key on him. This will bring up the notepad you can use to communicate with him. From the notepad menu, look for the option to give him an item and then press the D key to accept it. This will bring out your inventory and show all of the clothing items you currently have. Select a piece of clothing you would like for him to wear and he will put it on. His old clothes will go into your inventory immediately after. You can also give Kelvin a gun to keep him safe.