Can you improve Abe’s chanting meter in Oddworld: Soulstorm?

*Chanting intensifies!*

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Oddworld: Soulstorm, you need to work out any possible way to get Abe through various dangerous situations. Some of the time, you may want to rely on the powers from your chanting. It can be used to open some doors and also take control of Sligs. However, the meter use on the chant is relatively short, so can it be improved?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent way to upgrade your chant meter. As you chant and are in control of the orb, the meter will empty quite quickly until you either find something to interact with or cancel your chant. While the recharge on the meter is fast, you will find yourself kicked out of your chant if you do not have a viable plan for what you will do with it.

However, there is a slight boost to your meter for every Mudoken in your party. Every time a new Mudoken follows you, they will chain onto Abe’s chant, and your chant meter will ever so slightly raise, allowing for you to chant for a longer time.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, though, this added charge to your chant will not last forever. Once the Mudoken dies or leaves you to be free, your bar will lower again to what it was before. However, the more Mudokens that follow you, the more your bar will grow for the short term.