Can you jump in Minecraft Dungeons?

It’s surprsing.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons takes everything you love about Minecraft and turns it into a dungeon-crawling, isometric-RPG. The game is all about exploring, and fighting monsters. As you find better gear and level up you will become more powerful, and can take on bigger challenges.

Quite early in the game you will come across a chest that seems impossible to get to, but this is actually a learning moment. If you are wondering if you can jump to the chest, the answer is that, well, kind of.

If you hit the spacebar on PC or the right shoulder button on your controller, you will roll, and this roll kind of acts like a jump. You can effectively roll across the gap, arriving at the other side to loot the chest, then roll back again.

This roll does have a cooldown. A small symbol will appear beside your character when the jump/roll is on cooldown, and your character will flash when it comes back up again.