Can you refund a gift in Apex Legends? Answered

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Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooter whose gameplay heavily focuses around the game’s heroes, which are known as Legends. The award-winning game has seen a ton of new content getting added since its release in 2019, from characters to in-game events. One of the newest additions that developer Respawn Entertainment has added is the ability for players to gift friends in-game items.

These gifts can be something as small as a weapon skin to as big as a Legendary skin or the newest Legend that’s made their way into the arena. It’s a nice way to show appreciation to a friend you’ve teamed up with and won multiple games with. While Apex Legend’s gifting system comes with a lot of interesting requirements that have players scratching their heads, one of the biggest questions on players’ minds is if you can refund a gift in Apex Legends.

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Are you able to refund gifts in Apex Legends?

Unfortunately, once you’ve sent off a gift to someone, neither you nor the gift receiver can refund the purchase. So before you make any gift purchases in the game, we strongly recommend that you double-check who you’re sending it to minimalize accidental purchases as much as possible. The game lets you review who you’re sending the item out to before confirming the purchase, so take your time looking everything over—like their name and the platform they’re playing on—before hitting the “Gift” button.

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Even if you found out that one of the purchases wasn’t something you made, there isn’t anything you can do as all gift purchases are final. What you can do is switch your login verification to something more secure, like an app authenticator.