Who is the voice actor for Catalyst in Apex Legends?

Who voices the latest legend in the game?

Image via EA

It’s always exciting times for Apex Legends fans when a new playable character is revealed. As the game is leading up to the launch of its fifteenth season, Respawn shared a new cinematic that showed off the title’s latest Legend — Catalyst. The new cinematic is part of the Apex Legends’ Stories of the Outlands miniseries on YouTube, which also featured the new Eclipse map for season 15. The character has many people talking already, and fans wonder who the voice behind the Legend is.

Catalyst’s voice actress

Image via Respawn

Catalyst represents a big first for Apex Legends, as she is the first openly trans woman character in the game. The Stories of the Outlands episode titled Last Hope goes over Catalyst’s backstory, who also goes by Tressa, after a botched break-in into Hammond’s facilities. The character is voiced by actress Meli Grant. Grant is a voice-over performer based in Los Angeles and known for playing small roles in anime like Dragon Ball Super and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Respawn has yet to show off any of Catalyst’s abilities, but additional information reveals she will be a defensive Legend who can use “ferrofluid” to terraform maps. A launch trailer for the Eclipse map is set to release on October 20, while Catalyst will become playable starting November 1.

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