Can you rejoin a game of Among Us if you get disconnected? Answered

Forced out for good.

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With any online multiplayer game, disconnections are going to happen from time to time. Whether it is on the server’s side or your internet, there will often come a time where you are kicked out of a game. Some games allow you to rejoin matches where you were unwillingly thrown out with no penalty to you. Is this the case with Among Us? Here is what you need to know about what happens when you get disconnected from Among Us.

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Can you get back in an Among Us game after being disconnected?

Unfortunately, if you were disconnected from a game in Among Us, there is no way to rejoin that match in progress. If you were playing with friends, you will need to wait for them to finish their game before you can get back into the lobby before the next one starts. Communicate that with your friends and join when they are in the pre-game lobby to get back to completing tasks or eliminating Crewmates.

While this may be frustrating to some, at least you will not be hit with a server ban or any repercussions through no fault of your own. If you leave an Among Us game willingly, not only can you not return, but you will be unable to join any new games until your server ban is finished. On our first offense of leaving a game early, we were hit with a 38-minute ban.

So there you go. If you have been disconnected from an Among Us lobby that you want to get back into, you will need to wait for any game in progress to finish. When the group is back in the pre-game lobby, you can easily join in again by entering the room code.