Can you respec your Tech Points in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Invest wisely.

Watch Dogs: Legion – Minimum & Recommended System requirements

All the fancy tech and interesting abilites you will get access to in Watch Dog: Legion is powered by Tech Points. These different items and abilities will cost about 15 Tech Points to get access to, then further Tech Points to upgrade to maximize their potential.

You can earn Tech Points from missions, or find them hidden throughout the game’s vast open world. No matter how you get them, you will be wondering how careful you need to be when it comes to spending them. If you are trying to respec your Tech Points, then the bad news is that you can’t actually do this in the game. Once you have invested your Tech Points in something, then they are gone forever, until you manage to get some more.

This means a degree of care needs to be taken before you invest your Tech Points, so don’t be afraid to let them build up while you figure out exactly how you like to play the game. You should also keep in mind the completing an area’s Borough Uprising Mission will cause any Tech Points in the area to appear on the map. You’ll still need to figure out exactly how to get to them, but it will make your life a lot easier.

You should also be aware that the Spiderbot is a strong option when it comes to getting to Tech Points that might first seem to be impossible to reach. You can upgrade your items and abilities in the Tech Tab, but as we said, make sure you make informed decisions about how you use them.